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Aeolian islands grand tour

Lipari dal mare







8 days / 7 nights


1 day - Saturday: arrival
Various transfert are combined to the tour: from Milazzo railway station, from Catania airport,
Taormina and surroundings;
Accommodation in hotel – free for the day – meeting the guide before dinner;
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel.

2 day - Sunday: Lipari
Breakfast in hotel:
Free time to visit the historical town of Lipari and the
Greek Acropolis with the Archaeological Museum;
Free for lunch;
Tour of the Island by bus, going through the little towns: Pianoconte, Quattropani and Acquacalda;
Stops at the magnificent viewpoints of Quattrocchi,Quattropani and at the Pumice Quarries;
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel.

3 day - Monday: Panarea and Stromboli
Breakfast in hotel - boat trip to Panarea, tour of the island, sailing around the islets and along Cala junco
bay; Stop at Panarea to visit the Island (weather
permitting a swim is possible) - free for lunch;
Departure to Stromboli;
Stop at Stromboli for a walk to the observatory (280mt).;
Departure to go and admire the Volcano’s eruption from the boat at twilight;
Back to Lipari late at night;
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel.

4 day - Tuesday: Lipari
Breakfast in hotel,Free day for shopping or relax;
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel


5 day - Wednesday: Filicudi and Alicudi:
Breakfast in hotel, Whole day excursion by boat to Filicudi and Alicudi -
sailing along the north-west coast of Lipari;
Short break in Filicudi port - free for lunch;
Tour around the Island of Filicudi by boat, sailing by “La Canna” and “La Grotta del Bue Marino” , the small village of “Pecorini” and around Cape “Graziano” approaching the island of Alicudi;
Short break on the little Island - back to Lipari late in the afternoon; (During the excursion it will be possible to go for a swim if the weather is good)
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel.


6 day -  Thursday: Salina
Breakfast in hotel;
Ferry to Salina Rinella, where the tour bus starts: Sanctuary of Valdichiesa, Pollara, a volcanic crater from which you can admire the famous bay where “Il Postino” has been filmed Malfa, two interesting churches will be visited in this little town
Lingua, a natural salt lake Marina Salina the main town of the island where you
can go for a walk.
Free for lunch;
back to Lipari in the afternoon by hydrofoil;
dinner and overnight stay in hotel.

7 day - Friday: Vulcano
breakfast in hotel;
boat excursion to Vulcano travelling along the southeast
coast of Lipari;

Vulcano boat Tour:
✗ Vulcanello the north-west coast of Vulcano
✗ Spiagge nere (the bay with the black sandy beach),
✗ Grotta del Cavallo,
✗ Venu’s Pool,
✗ Gelso, once a little fishermen’s village where there might be a brief stop, time permitting,
✗ South-east coast sailing under the volcano's crater,
✗ Vulcano main port, if on schedule, it will be possible to go for a swim.

Free for lunch and afternoon: you can either choose to
bathe in the sulphur mud baths (we suggest to use an
old swimming costume), to have a swim at “le spiagge nere” the black sandy beach or simply go shopping;
back to Lipari at twilight;
dinner and overnight stay in hotel


Day 8 / saturday: end of the tour
breakfast in hotel and departure



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An island in the middle of the Mediterranean:

For its central position in the Mediterranean Sea, its remarkable size and its fertile territory, Sicily has always been the best destination for those people who, after having landed on its shores, have settled there and here have remained. These are the reasons for which Sicily has never lost its attraction and interest, and for which it is a place to visit and experience in all its aspects, from the most famous to the less known and predictable . ...continued

Sicily World Heritage Sites

  • Siracusa
  • Agrigento
  • Piazza Armerina
  • Noto
  • Eolie
  • Etna