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Sicilian volcano hike - Etna and the Aeolian islands

Stromboli The Aeolian Islands Archipelago is made up of 7 islands: Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi. Vast black ebony-like beaches contrast with light coloured shorelines. This dramatic nature offers many peculiarities, such as strange perforated rocks resembling bold bridges and arches (I faraglioni); areas of bubbling sea due to underwater fumaroles; rocks with a network of clefts from which boiling water gushes and hot springs.

Meanwhile, Mt Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. It offers a variety of different aspects, from black flows of lava and vast plains of black sand to a luxuriant vegetation on its lower slopes. It rises to 3350m above sea level at the summit craters, but this height varies as a result of on-going constructive and destructive explosive activity that constantly reshapes the summit crater area. A superb opportunity to explore the dramatic volcanic landscapes of Sicily's Aeolian Islands and Mt Etna.


  • Walk on Mt Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano
  • See the continuous volcanic activity of Stromboli
  • Discover the picturesque village at the Aeolians Island


8 days / 7nights

Day 1: Catania
Arrival at Catania. Meeting with the guide at 7pm at the hotel in Catania, placed in the very heart of the city centre. Briefing on the program. Dinner and overnight stay in Catania.


Day 2: Vulcano (3 hours hiking, +390 – 390 m)
Transfer to Milazzo harbour (1h30). Ferry to the island of Vulcano (1h) famous for its thermal springs. Take an excursion to Vulcano’s crater to see the “fumaroles”. There is time for going to the beach and to the Thermal Springs before in the late afternoon taking hydrofoil to Lipari. Check-in at the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay at Lipari

Day 3: Lipari (3 hours hiking, +250 - 250 m)
In the morning we make a easy walking to the southern side of the island. Enchanting view over Vulcano island’s crater. Afternoon, free time for visiting the centre of Lipari, with its interesting Archaeological Museum. Dinner and overnight stay in Lipari.


Day 4: Stromboli (4 hours hiking, +400 - 400 mt.)
Hydrofoil to Stromboli (1h). Check in at the hotel. At sunset we make some easy walking on the western side of the island to discover the “Sciara del Fuoco” and to approach the famous Stromboli eruptions. Dinner at pizzeria and overnight stay at Stromboli.


Day 5: Stromboli (5 hours hiking, +924 – 924 mt.)
In the morning, free time to visit the lovely village of San Vincenzo, or relax in Stromboli black beaches. In the afternoon, leaving for the excursion to the active volcano with a certified volcano guide. We return back at night-time. Pic nic dinner during the excursion.Overnight stay at Stromboli.


Day 6: Etna South (3 hours hiking, + 150 mt – 150 mt)
In late morning we take a hydrofoil from Stromboli to Milazzo (2h), then a private transfer from Milazzo harbour to the southern side of Mt Etna (2h), 1900 mt. On Etna, before dinner we make a short walk over the edge of the “Silvestri craters” for a first approach to the volcano. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel on Etna south.


Day 7 : Etna Summit Craters (6 hours hiking / + 450 m – 1550 m)
Full day exploring Mt Etna escorted by a volcano guide. We take a cable link until 2500 mt and then by 4WD vehicles up to a point at 2900 mt. According to the weather and volcanic conditions there may be the chance to continue on foot to the summit at 3350 m. Our walk will continue through different lava flows. Return on foot to the hotel. Transfer to Catania. Dinner and overnight stay in Catania.
Day 8: Catania
After breakfast, end of our services.



Due to the unpredictable nature of the volcanoes, the weather and the sea condition, the program can be modified. In any case we always try to adhere as much as possible to the described program. The access to Etna and Stromboli craters is generally allowed, however this can change at any time.
The volcano guides reserve the right to decide whether or not to climb to the craters according to safety measures, the weather and also the physical condition of the trekkers.
Basula Tour is not responsible in case of impossibility to reach the summit of the volcanoes. An alternative trekking at lower altitude is always organised.

Trip Notes:

Holiday type: walking tour, with people coming from different countries. English and French speaking guide

Departures 2014:
Group size: from 5 to 15 people




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An island in the middle of the Mediterranean:

For its central position in the Mediterranean Sea, its remarkable size and its fertile territory, Sicily has always been the best destination for those people who, after having landed on its shores, have settled there and here have remained. These are the reasons for which Sicily has never lost its attraction and interest, and for which it is a place to visit and experience in all its aspects, from the most famous to the less known and predictable . ...continued

Sicily World Heritage Sites

  • Piazza Armerina
  • Eolie
  • Siracusa
  • Noto
  • Agrigento
  • Etna