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Magic Sicily...from Palermo


A magical island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea!
A trip around this island of the Mediterranean, which is a meeting of many civilizations that have characterized this land which brings out special emotions!



Departure from Catania




Excursion to the Aeolian Islands (Lipari and Volcano) UNESCO World Heritage Site
Discovery of small and picturesque towns of Sicily;
Breathtaking views of the Sicilian coast;
Visit of the location of the movie "The Godfather";
Tasting of typical Sicilian products.



8 days / 7 nights

from Palermo to Catania


Day 1: - Arrival > PALERMO
Arrival at Palermo airport, transfer to hotel, free afternoon.


Breakfast, visit of Palermo, the capital of Sicily, a city rich in history and art. A walk in the heart of Palermo will give you the possibility to discover some jewels of the city: the Cathedral, St. John of the Hermits’ Church, the Norman Palace and its Palatine Chapel. In the afternoon we will visit Monreale to see the Cathedral and the adjoining Cloister. On the way back you can hike to Monte Pellegrino, where the Sanctuary of Saint Rosalia stands and where you can enjoy the view of the city and the bay, surrounded by wild and luxuriant vegetation.



Breakfast and departure for Segesta, where there are two famous monuments of the III and the V century BC. Start from the Theatre which is reached after an uphill trek, the sight is worth the effort!  It rises in an evocative setting with an impressive view: the panorama overlooks the plain below with the background of the sea in the distance. Continue a short distance along a road to the solitary Temple which is one of the most significant examples of Doric architecture and is among the best preserved in Italy.
The tour continues with a visit to Selinunte, the biggest archaeological park in the Mediterranean. The town is situated near the mouth of the river where the wild celery (Selinon), which gives its name to both the town and the river, grows. Selinunte is full of columns and ruins of colossal Greek temples.

Breakfast. In the morning the visit of Agrigento will give you the possibility to discover “the heart” of the most important Greek colony in Sicily: the Valley of the Temples. The Temple of Concorde, the Hercules' Temple, the Juno's Temple and the Castor and Pollux's Temple are some of the treasures of an ancient civilization that has brought honor to our land. The tour continues to Piazza Armerina, where you will visit the wonderful Villa Romana del Casale, which is famous for its mosaics of inestimable value.

Day 5: ENNA > CEFALU '
Breakfast. In the morning, visit Enna, located in the heart of Sicily. You will visit the Castle of Lombardy, which was the most important point of defense of the city, the Tower of Frederick II and the Cathedral.
Later in the morning transfer to Cefalù, a lovely seaside and tourist resort, famous for its monumental artistic jewels: the Norman Duomo with  its elegant Cloister of the XII century, and the evocative Medieval Washtub entirely dug into stone. Free time for shopping.


Breakfast, early morning transfer to Milazzo to embark for Lipari and start the tour of the two islands by boat. After visiting the Castle of Lipari, Monte Rosa and Canneto, you will stop at the Cave of pumice for a swim. Continue to Acquacalda and you will go towards Volcano sailing along Vulcanello, where the lava has created fantastic shapes: the picturesque Valley of Monsters. Leaving on our right the Faraglioni and the Cave of the Angels, you can admire the bay of the Black Sand, renowned for its long volcanic sand beach and the impressive Gran Cratere della Fossa, the active volcano of the island. Eventually you will arrive at the port of Levante, where you will be greeted by the pungent odour of sulfur. Here a tour of the village, a swim in the mud pools, and (for the more sporty) a climb to the crater are not to be missed. Return to Milazzo.

Breakfast and transfer to Forza D'Agro, a medieval village very close to Taormina, rich in art, history and culture. It is also famous as a location for many films, the most famous "The Godfather" starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. The jewel of the village is the Norman castle, a fortress located on the highest and most inaccessible part of the Valley, more than 420 meters above sea level, with a breathtaking view of the east coast. After the visit of Forza D'Agro, the tour will continue to Taormina, with a walk through the picturesque streets of its historic centre. This wonderful town was founded in the IV century B.C. by the Siculi on Mount Tauro. It then became a prosperous Greek town which eventually fell under the rule of Romans. The most famous  monument is the theatre, dating back to the III century B.C. It is the most important archaeological site of inestimable value and place of incomparable scenic beauty.


Day 8: CATANIA > departure
Breakfast, free time until transfer to airport


The perfect time for an excursion to the Aeolian Islands is from April to October

The tour of the Aeolian Islands will take place if weather conditions allow.

The means of transport  used to visit the Aeolian Islands are motorboats, ships and hydrofoils. They are not for the exclusive use. During the periods of peak demand delays of the hydrofoil from Milazzo and the Aeolian Islands are possible.

Basula tour reserves the right to cancel the tour in case of adverse weather conditions.

If the excursion to the Aeolian Islands is cancelled, the following itinerary changed on the following days will be offered as an alternative:


No refund in case of cancellation of the excursion to the Aeolian Islands.


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Departure from Catania


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An island in the middle of the Mediterranean:

For its central position in the Mediterranean Sea, its remarkable size and its fertile territory, Sicily has always been the best destination for those people who, after having landed on its shores, have settled there and here have remained. These are the reasons for which Sicily has never lost its attraction and interest, and for which it is a place to visit and experience in all its aspects, from the most famous to the less known and predictable . ...continued

Sicily World Heritage Sites

  • Piazza Armerina
  • Noto
  • Eolie
  • Siracusa
  • Agrigento
  • Etna